Written by Lyndon Froese // Artwork by Seth Heinrichs


Caleigh Christie’s fertility cycle was on the company website. Caleigh knew it was hers but she was still dialling the number of her sister Emily, the one in charge of the website, to inquire about any theories. Why might someone’s period schedule be displaying on the website?

Emily isn’t early to rise, so this call from Caleigh was the first human contact Still-Sleeping Christie would have that day. She picked up the phone as her brain ran its startup programs: Who Am I? How Did I Get Here? There’s a fertility calendar on the company website?

“Kay. What?” said Emily. It was her inaugural sentence of the day.

“Yeah, well, there’s a bunch of weird events on there,” said Caleigh, “and, um, it really looks like it’s someone’s fertility calendar or something.”

Emily brought up the calendar, which she had designed to be very easy to find on the site.

Upcoming events... May 8 - May 19: Fertile. May 20 - May 29: Infertile. May 30 - June 7: Probably infertile...

Emily clicked to the next month. Same thing. Next month, same thing. It went on indefinitely. 

“I tried to delete them,” said Caleigh. “I deleted months and months. But then they all just came back.”

Emily had heard that hackers deface websites from time-to-time. Or, maybe it was a prank by a friend. Who might have access to that account?

Caleigh listened to Emily’s morning-brain theories.

The thing was, although women have been finding it handy to keep track of their cycles since ancient times, Caleigh had recently started using some modern technology to make it easier – an app on her phone. And now it was on the company website.

As you can imagine, this bit of information about the newly-installed app would have been a helpful hint for Emily as she tried to figure out what on Earth was going on.

Never keep secrets from your lawyer. Never keep secrets from your web admin.

Caleigh caved. She told Emily about the app and it didn’t take long after that for the two sisters to sort it all out.

Much like the reason many people come to Falcon Lake, returning to a simpler way can undo a great deal of the troubles of modern life. Caleigh let out a sigh and went back to pencil and paper.