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Artists in the Cabins » Synonym Art Consultation

Photos by BNB Studios


Each fall we are pleased to make space for our dear friends, Andrew and Chloe of Synonym Art Consultation, to come out to work retreat in one of our Falcon Lake cabins.

Synonym Art Consultation is a curatorial collective based in Winnipeg, Manitoba on the original lands of Anishinaabe, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota, and Dene peoples, and on the homeland of the Métis Nation and Treaty 1 Territory. Synonym is committed to providing meaningful employment and mentorship opportunities to artists and to facilitate the celebration of art and culture with unique, inclusive, community-minded events that serve as safer spaces for diverse populations.

These two have cultivated a grassroots contemporary street-art movement in our city and participate in hyperlocal and international dialogues around important issues, such as Indigenous rights, social responsibility, and innovative economic development, rooted in the arts with their month long Wall-to-Wall Mural and Culture Festival.

These are some photos from their visit last year, captured by the talented BNB Studios.

Falcon Trails X Synonym

Falcon Trails Resort holds a very special place in our hearts, both personally and professionally. Each year in the fall, the two of us are able to rejuvenate our bodies and minds, while also reassessing all aspects of our small business. This “corporate retreat” of sorts has become an essential part of developing our business.

But it’s not all work while we are out there. We take full advantage of what the shoulder season at Falcon Trails Resort has to offer, including canoeing, hiking, polar bear club swims, and the subsequent cozying up by the fire, in the hot tub, or with a trip to the sauna. While all seasons are beautiful, we really love autumn in the Whiteshell, watching the leaves change colour and often witnessing the first snowfall of the season.

The staff is extremely friendly and accommodating, making you feel like a part of their family, while giving you the privacy you need. The cabins are stunning and all the amenities are thoughtful and allow for a relaxing, luxurious stay. We would highly recommend treating yourself to a few nights at Falcon Trails Resort. Access to this gem of a resort has been truly life changing for us!
— Andrew Eastman & Chloe Chafe Co-founders of Synonym Art Consultation / Wall-to-Wall Mural & Culture Festival

Falcon Residency

Artists in the cabins » Alerry Lavitt


Our December artist in residence was Winnipeg-based award-winning artist Allery Lavitt. Her current work explores natural landscapes and constructed environments that stir up subtle emotion and invite the mind to relax. During her stay in the Merganser cabin Lavitt worked on both oil landscape pieces and on a mixed media project creating emotive bowls made from repurposed fur.

Here's what Allery had to say about her time spent at the resort:

My Falcon Trail residency projects are reflections and explorations on human experience,  and connecting these with the spirit of the boreal and coastal forests. 

Some time ago, I had the inspiration to make containers - bowls- out of fur.  The bowls would not  be usable bowls for storing items, but would house less solid things.  Their purpose is to house emotions! A place to put joy, anger, frustration, grief, confusion, bliss, wonder, all the feelings that overflow from our bodies and feel so much larger than life.  The sensuality and natural power of fur attracted me so strongly, and the concept of tapping into the essence, mythology, strength and power of the creatures I was working with gave the project solidity.  

During the residency I played with patterns and design for building small scale bowls, with a goal to make them on a large scale for future use.  

As I was working, I meditated on my materials.  Holding repurposed wolf, bear, coyote and fox in my hands, feeling them, I realized that these furs were literally pieces of the boreal forest.  We are so attracted to fur for its beauty, wildness and sensuality, and forget where it really comes from, and the lives of its creatures.  As I worked spontaneously, I began to make little abstractions of the forest.  In my own small way, conceptually bringing the essence of the animals back into their full circle of creation.  Perhaps it is a way to show respect for the land and its creatures.  I love the idea of returning them, in a small way, back to the same boreal forest that they once lived in, now becoming a part of a record of the forest’s beauty and wildness. 

The third project as part of this residency was to develop paintings from a 7 day backcountry hike of the West Coast Trail I did in the Pacific Rim National Park in Fall 2017.  Based on photographs taken during the hike, the smaller paintings are studies for a larger scale series of the trail and the amazing forests and oceans of coastal BC.

Thank you to Emily for this opportunity to develop my work in such a perfect setting, and for the gift of free, unfettered creative time that every artist so deeply needs!  That is where the magic happens :)

A big thank you to Allery for coming out to the resort and sharing her art with us. You can check out more of Allery's projects at her website: alerrylavitt.com

Falcon Residency

Artists in the cabins » Richelle Bergen

Last week we welcomed artist Richelle Bergen from Altona, MB to the resort. Emily had the pleasure of popping in and taking a few shots of the project Richelle was working on.

Richelle creates block printed artwork, inspired by nature, botanical patterns and seemingly ordinary daily details.

I believe less is truly more, that less allows us to appreciate the simple shapes, patterns and colours that surround us every day. This is what I seek to create with my artwork.

Richelle spent her time in the cabin carving an intricate woodland scene on artist's linoleum or rubbing carving block, later to be hand printed with eco-friendly inks onto premium papers. 
Because of the hand printing process, each print may have slight variations, which make each one unique and original. We can't wait to see the finished product!

To learn more about Richelle, or to purchase some of her stunning prints, go to her website at richellebergen.com.

Photos by Emily Christie