Falcon Residency

Artists in the Cabins » Kyle Scheurmann

Photos by Emily Christie

This past December we had the pleasure of welcoming artist and friend Kyle Scheurmann to the resort for an early winter painting retreat.

Kyle Scheurmann was born and grew up in Winnipeg MB. He completed his BFA at the Ontario College of Art + Design University in 2013, and his MFA at Emily Carr University in 2018 where he was awarded the 2018 Graduate Studies Valedictorian. He was the winner of the 2018 Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation, Painting Grant, Montreal QC and a 2017 Scholarship Award, BC Arts Council, Vancouver BC. Kyle has had solo and group exhibitions in Canada, the Netherlands, Germany and Oslo.

Some words from Kyle:

While I was the artist in residence at Falcon Trails, I made the most important research for my painting exhibition, Trees in a Dream. With winter completely covering the lake and forest, I made dozens of watercolour paintings and drawings. After long walks though the trees or out on the ice, I would return to the cabin to cook, poke the fire and work. This was the first time I ever painted the snow pink.

When I visited Kyle’s workspace in the Merganser cabin, I was lucky enough to be treated to a crêpe breakfast!

Visit Kyle’s website to see photos of his completed collection which he worked on during his stay: “Trees in a Dream”