Photographer Visit: Nancy McMillan

We welcomed photographer and repeat guest Nancy McMillan to the resort last month. The week that she visited the resort was hit by an overnight snowstorm and the next morning everything was covered in a fresh blanket of snow, we are so pleased she was around to capture the magic of it.

Here are a few of her shots captured that day. She also did a great job capturing the busy activity at the birdfeeder during her visit. One of our favourite parts about the winter is feeding the birds and checking out the different species that come to visit the feeders, great entertainment!

From Nancy:

Time is one of the greatest gifts to give. I am so very grateful to have had a couple of days at Falcon Trails Resort in the Artist in Residence Program this past February to concentrate on capturing with photographs, the feeling of winter.

The incredible beauty of the Canadian Shield and its boreal forest changes with each of the four seasons.  Many Canadian visual artists have been mesmerized by the vistas and remote, expansive views of this land.  I have always been interested in their compositions, mediums and the effects of light, shadow and texture.  The showy softness of the amazing snowfall that graced the resort and surrounding landscape while I was there just added to the pleasure of being suspended there in wintertide. To be able to work toward capturing winter at its finest was a joyous challenge.

I want to thank the Christie Family for your vision in supporting the visual arts and music community.  I feel greatly privileged to have had this opportunity.