Falcon Residency

Artists in the cabin » Hely Schuman

Photos by Emily Christie

Last month our Artist and Residence was one of our own community members, the talented Hely Schuman.

Hely is a "graphic designer by day and an indie comic maker by night". She is based out of Winnipeg but grew up in Falcon Lake and spends lots of time back home where her mom, Juventina, one of our longest serving staff members here at the resort, still lives.

I actually grew up in the Whiteshell area … I worked at the Ski Hill for years and my Mum has worked at Falcon Trails for over a decade. I have a lot of roots tied here and as time has gone on I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the Resort & Ski Hill come back to life and really grow into the magical place it is now. It’s a huge part of our community. Taking part in the residency was a really sweet homecoming.
My next comic convention - Fanquest June 23 & 24 at Red River College Exchange District Campus 160 Princess St. I’ll be selling Books, Prints, Zines, and Shirts.

Check out more of Hely's work on her instagram: @punchiecomics