Falcon Residency

Artist in the cabin » Chrissy Sie-Merritt

Last month we welcomed local artist and our good friend Chrissy Sie-Merritt as a part of our Artist Residence Program. Chrissy runs an amazing studio out of our neighbouring community East Braintree called South Moon Studio. The studio showcases local art, hosts live music, facilitates all sorts of creative workshops throughout the year, has a massage room, and a yoga studio where Chrissy offers a variety of yoga classes throughout the week all year long. It is a huge asset to our community.

From Chrissy:

My intention when I arrived was to create a quiet space, connect with the land and allow images and ideas to come through. The quiet and peacefulness of Falcon Trails supported these intentions. Most artists are trying to create in those in-between moments of our busy lives. To be able to really step out of the busyness and into myself felt like the spark I needed to ignite my creative fire.

For the past few years I have been primarily using charcoal and free flowing body movements to create intuitive images on large paper. All of the work I do is about creating a sacred inner space and honouring what shows itself, settling more into spirit rather than the mind. I was excited to scale things down a little and explore this process with acrylics, allowing my work to evolve into brighter more expressive works. I am currently working on pieces for my next solo show “Honouring” in March of 2019.

Connecting with nature and that quiet within are my two main sources of inspiration and guidance. This truly was the perfect setting to settle into this process and explore. I had no idea how much I needed this solitude, not just time to be creative but to really connect with my work and myself. It really was a treat to step away for awhile and be free to just simply paint.