Falcon Residency

Artist in the cabin » Sarah Neville

We were delighted to have artist Sarah Neville in the cabins as our January artist in residence. Sarah was at the resort during a big winter snowstorm, and was able to cozy up in the Birch cabin with her sweet old greyhound and work on her art. During her time Sarah built beautiful shadow boxes depicting whimsical animal winter scenes.

My work during my artist residency at Falcon Trails Resort focused on the fun and enjoyment of our winters here in Manitoba.  As someone born and raised here, I so often hear of people regularly complaining about our winters, but I love them and find so much enjoyment in our wilderness.

While set up to work and create in the Birch Cabin, I wanted to make something that reflected the fun that we can all experience outside.  So, these winter based shadow boxes were created.  It was so nice to sit and watch the nature around me, watching woodpeckers and blue jays come by every morning, while I sat and painted.  All of the shadow boxes feature different outdoor activities, many of which I witnessed myself while exploring the outdoors there.

My artwork usually focuses on whimsy and our local animals, so creating some fun work, based on our Manitoba winters was a natural fit.  Everyday of the residency, my dog (Simon) and I would wander and explore and get inspired by our beautiful surroundings.  It was so great to just wander and let nature inspire me.  Even my dog, who is an old guy, never wanted to go back inside, just wanted to keep exploring.  As we explored, we collected twigs, branches and small parts of birch bark we found along the trails.  These were incorporated into the shadow boxes, so there is a part of our beautiful nature in each piece.

With these pieces, I am hoping they bring a smile to your face and remind people of the fun they can have outdoors.  The possibilities are endless in nature and we should all continued to be inspired by our beautiful province.   I want to thank Emily and everyone at Falcon Trails Resort for having me!  It was an absolutely amazing experience and one I will always remember.

Learn more about Sarah and her art at: sarahneville.ca