Falcon Residency

Photographer visit: Chris Bakon

Late this April, after weeks of lovely warm weather, warm enough to melt the ice from the lakes and coax green buds out of the trees, the weather flipped and winter returned and came down with a force. The lake was once again blanketed with thick snow. Not exactly what we all were hoping for, but it was fiercely beautiful. It was quite magical, and how fortuitous that we had our talented friend, Chris Bakon, at the resort to capture it. 

Spring was in the air.

At least it was the day before me and Avery left for our 2 night stay at Falcon Trails Resort.  Snow never got in the way before, why should it now.  We just made sure to pack all the necessary winter gear for this adventure.  Everything but our snowboards. Dang.

Why did i take my winter tires off?  Said almost every Manitoban every year at some point in spring.  We were way too excited to leave the city.  Arrived at Falcon 5 hours before our check in time.  So instead of tailgating at the local vendor we figured it would be a good idea to hit up Kenora’s Lake of the Woods Brewery, and it was.  While enjoying a classic denver we caught wind that the Trans Canada HWY being shut down.  Didn't wanna take any chances.

Arrived at Falcon trails in one piece.  Only to be welcomed by a handful of deer and the lovely Caleigh Christie and her Heidi.

Camera lessons for Avery!

Everything looked just the same as if i had just been at Snowdance.

Theres something to be said about a fresh snowfall against open water.  It really gets me.

Time for food, fires and hot tubs. Wine, backgammon and movies. The ultimate getaway!

It wouldn't be the Falcon Trails experience without a hike to High Lake.  We managed to do it without snowshoes and it made for a great workout.  These cabins are definitely worth checking out!

Each one of these cabins are one hundred percent unique in their own way.  They appear to be the only cabins on this lake. Powered by solar panel, you’re sure to get that real off grid getaway experience.

Something magical happened at the very last moment that day.  The sun came out!

A huge thanks to the friends and staff at Falcon Trails Resort!  We cant wait to go back and test out those eco cabins!

Check out more of beautiful work by Chris on his Instagram: @craspybakon