The Falcon Trails cabins and grounds are high and dry and besides a bit of dock damage (which we are fixing up lickity split) we have been virtually unaffected by the high waters.

The south shore road, which is the only access road to the resort closed mid-day on Saturday, but has now OPENED for traffic.

There are a couple of spots where ~1 " of water is flowing over the road at the causeway and the road is reduced to one lane, but has been passed without problem by a number of small cars this morning and is safe. If you have a larger vehicle to bring we recommend it as the gravel road leading to our resort has a number of ruts. It is passable by small cars we just recommend that everyone drive slow.

Should the road close again, we have barge ready to ferry incoming guests to the resort (it just means you will leave your vehicles in the townsite of Falcon).

Give the office a call at 204.349.8273 if you have questions!