Falcon Residency

Artists in the cabins » Rachel Schappert

Photos by Emily Christie and Kyle Schappert

Last week, amongst the gorgeous fall weather and bright orange colours, we welcomed Winnipeg based artist Rachel Schappert to the resort. Rachel's current art practice involves themes that explore the interconnected relationship between people and nature.


Rachel set up shop on the High Lake warm up shelter, and spent the week building on-site sculptures which incorporate, decorate, accentuate, and play with the natural features of the sweet little site hidden along the High Lake trail.

The sculptures are hidden in and amongst the trees and rocks of the site. A delight for hikers to enjoy and explore. Each piece is full of details to be discovered, such as the single juniper berry in each copper and glass capsule on the piece, picked from the forest in which the sculpture now sits.

The High Lake shelter served as Rachel's indoor studio space, providing an escape from the wind and storage for her tools.

Here’s a view of one of the installations on a Jack pine tree I was collaborating with near a warm-up shack on a short trail that leads to a gorgeous lookout point at Falcon Trails.
Whether viewed as a window, portal, the trees aura or its eye... for me weaving is symbolic for interconnectivity in many ways. The pieces change with what is reflected in the centre. We may see ourselves mirrored in the tree or we may peer away from ourselves and view the forest with tree branches swaying in the wind with a vast backdrop of sky.
Either way I perceive the interplay of reflections as weaving invisible threads that connect nature and human viewers, as well as creatures that might interact with them. I watched various insects and even a squirrel pay interest and it was a delightful experience! ...
❦ ✨ ❦

Also, I placed bits of reindeer lichen from the landscape in each copper piece encapsulating and radiating the energy of the boreal.
— Rachel describing some of the inspiration and emotions behind in forest sculptures.

Some videos Rachel captured which demonstrate the amazing light interplay between her pieces and the surrounding environment.

During her residency, Rachel's brother Kyle Schappert, who just so happens to be a renowned photographer, came out for a visit and also snapped a few shots to capture Rachel's beautiful piece:

The Mahigan cabin at High Lake, where Rachel stayed during her residency. Photo by Rachel's talented brother Kyle Schappert.

The Mahigan cabin at High Lake, where Rachel stayed during her residency. Photo by Rachel's talented brother Kyle Schappert.

It was an honour having Rachel out to Falcon Trails, and we couldn't be more excited about the gorgeous addition her art makes to the beautiful High Lake warm up shack site. Definatly worth checking out.

Rachel's sculptures will remain in place at the warm up shack. Be sure to hike out and check them out! They will remain in place in the winter, but might be a little harder to find under the snow.

You can check out the trail there (look for the warm up shelter point) on the trailforks map:

High Lake service trail on Trailforks.com

Falcon Residency

Artists in the cabins » Harry Diaz

This month we welcomed illustrator and graphic designer Harry Diaz to the resort. Harry, who is usually stationed out of Los Angeles, CA, came to Falcon Trails fresh off volunteer based travels in Guatemala and carried on his journey to New York after spending a little down time holed up in our Sunset cabin with his drawing pencils.

Harry's line drawing, woodblock and risograph print art has been featured by an impressive list of clients including Nike, Billabong, Urban Outfitters, Adidas, Kamp Grizzly, ThokkThokk, Killbrand, and Outdoor Technology.

Learn more, and check out more of Harry's great art at harrydiaz.com, and worth the follow on instagram @by harrydiaz to keep up with his real cool stuff he seems to always have going on.

Falcon Residency

Photographer visit: Chris Bakon

Late this April, after weeks of lovely warm weather, warm enough to melt the ice from the lakes and coax green buds out of the trees, the weather flipped and winter returned and came down with a force. The lake was once again blanketed with thick snow. Not exactly what we all were hoping for, but it was fiercely beautiful. It was quite magical, and how fortuitous that we had our talented friend, Chris Bakon, at the resort to capture it. 

Spring was in the air.

At least it was the day before me and Avery left for our 2 night stay at Falcon Trails Resort.  Snow never got in the way before, why should it now.  We just made sure to pack all the necessary winter gear for this adventure.  Everything but our snowboards. Dang.

Why did i take my winter tires off?  Said almost every Manitoban every year at some point in spring.  We were way too excited to leave the city.  Arrived at Falcon 5 hours before our check in time.  So instead of tailgating at the local vendor we figured it would be a good idea to hit up Kenora’s Lake of the Woods Brewery, and it was.  While enjoying a classic denver we caught wind that the Trans Canada HWY being shut down.  Didn't wanna take any chances.

Arrived at Falcon trails in one piece.  Only to be welcomed by a handful of deer and the lovely Caleigh Christie and her Heidi.

Camera lessons for Avery!

Everything looked just the same as if i had just been at Snowdance.

Theres something to be said about a fresh snowfall against open water.  It really gets me.

Time for food, fires and hot tubs. Wine, backgammon and movies. The ultimate getaway!

It wouldn't be the Falcon Trails experience without a hike to High Lake.  We managed to do it without snowshoes and it made for a great workout.  These cabins are definitely worth checking out!

Each one of these cabins are one hundred percent unique in their own way.  They appear to be the only cabins on this lake. Powered by solar panel, you’re sure to get that real off grid getaway experience.

Something magical happened at the very last moment that day.  The sun came out!

A huge thanks to the friends and staff at Falcon Trails Resort!  We cant wait to go back and test out those eco cabins!

Check out more of beautiful work by Chris on his Instagram: @craspybakon

Falcon Residency

Artists in the cabins » Richelle Bergen

Last week we welcomed artist Richelle Bergen from Altona, MB to the resort. Emily had the pleasure of popping in and taking a few shots of the project Richelle was working on.

Richelle creates block printed artwork, inspired by nature, botanical patterns and seemingly ordinary daily details.

I believe less is truly more, that less allows us to appreciate the simple shapes, patterns and colours that surround us every day. This is what I seek to create with my artwork.

Richelle spent her time in the cabin carving an intricate woodland scene on artist's linoleum or rubbing carving block, later to be hand printed with eco-friendly inks onto premium papers. 
Because of the hand printing process, each print may have slight variations, which make each one unique and original. We can't wait to see the finished product!

To learn more about Richelle, or to purchase some of her stunning prints, go to her website at richellebergen.com.

Photos by Emily Christie

From the Inside Out » Women's Retreat with South Moon Studio

Yoga * Art * BodyTalk * Community

Yoga * Art * BodyTalk * Community

Weekend Retreat » April 21-23, 2017 » With Chrissy Sie-Merritt of South Moon Studio  at Falcon Trails Resort

Early bird: 3 people/ cabin at $575

Regular: 2/ cabin at $675

Individual: 1/ cabin at $875

From South Moon Studio: "Join us as we spend the weekend exploring the depths and beauty of our inner worlds.  Women have such an innate capacity to nurture each other, but we less often make space to tend to our own selves. Together, Jen and Chrissy create a beautiful and rich experience, weaving the best of each of their healing modalities to offer a gorgeous retreat for women to truly give to themselves and nourish those pieces within that need some love and support.

The weekend includes daily gentle yoga sessions to open our creative center, a private BodyTalk session, easy free flow drawing with full instruction and a teaching Drum Circle... all while staying in a beautiful lakeside cabin with a hot tub!  Delicious home cooked meals will leave you with nothing left to do but receive the gifts of insight and sacred time.

There is no yoga, drawing or BodyTalk experience needed to attend this retreat.  We are all beginners on this path of discovery."

Photo by Bree-Ann Merritt

Photo by Bree-Ann Merritt

Jennifer Oborne Crolly ~ Much to her surprise, Jennifer has been involved with healing and healing ways for over 25 years. For the past 10 years, she has worked with the 7 Teachings, and sharing Indigenous Songs and Teachings with children to create healing spaces within school. She has practiced Classical Homeopathy and intuitive bodywork with a focus on emotional healing, but her focus these days is on supporting movement through relationship, Song, Ceremony and BodyTalk.

BodyTalk is a tool Jennifer has used for 12 years to support her own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual process work, and has been quietly practicing for 4 years.

She is a helper, a wife to a very good man, a mom to 2 great kids, a teacher and a seeker

Photo by Bree-Ann Merritt

Photo by Bree-Ann Merritt

Chrissy Sie-Merritt ~ A dreamer that wishes to transform how we navigate our way through this world, Chrissy Sie-Merritt, dives into the subtle details of life.  Inspired by the textures of all living things, Chrissy is drawn to explore the wonders of nature with paint on canvas.   Using her Yoga practice as a tool to go deeper into her artistic process, Chrissy balances a need for detail with a desire for freedom, with a free flowing drawing process using charcoal and chalk.  Gracefully dancing between the visual and healing arts world she has tapped into a sacred balance that lies within the healing powers of colour, creation, breath and movement.

What is BodyTalk? – Health Care Designed by Your Body

BodyTalk is healthcare that understands the psychology of the body and the influence it has on your health. Rather than focusing on the symptom, BodyTalk finds the hidden causes of illness by looking at the physical, emotional and environmental factors. BodyTalk is Whole-Healthcare, which means addressing the whole-person and their whole-story, using the entire context of their life to improve their health.

What do past attendees have to say?

~ My experience was supported in a beautiful way.  

~ I rarely come to this place inside of myself within groups and was surprised at the immensity of what was 'unearthed' and how it travelled with me into my dreams, and allowed me to keep working with the visions I saw.

~ The most meaningful portion of the day was the body talk session.  Energetic healing has been of great interest to me this past year.  I found it to validate many of experiences that I've had recently.

~ There was something about the food that was so satisfying. I would recommend this workshop/retreat to friends and family.

~ I did not know what to expect.  The ad said there would be yoga (dreaded this due to being so out of shape), painting and Body Talk.  The day was absolutely amazing!!!!! The yoga was gentle and I was able to do most poses.  The experience of painting was uplifting and healing.  The Body Talk is always welcome. Thank you Jen and Chrissy for a wonderful healing day!  Came home and slept for thirteen hours!

Falcon Residency

Artist in the cabin » Rosemarie Péloquin

Photos by Emily Christie

More art in the woods!

This week we were very excited to have fiber artist and good friend Rosemarie Péloquin creating at the resort!

During her stay, Rosemarie transformed the Merganser cabin into a workshop space filled with bins of beautifully coloured wool and fiber bits as she worked away creating delightful and enchanting characters through the art of felting.

Rosemarie also worked on some wool embroidery projects, capturing the colours of November at the lake.

You can get in touch with Rosemarie by emailing her at peloquinr@gmail.com!

Biathlon Experience at Falcon Ridge

The session is 2 - 2.5 hours long and is a hands on introduction to the nordic sport of Biathlon.

Photo by Wolfgang Greiner

What is Biathlon, you ask? In short, Biathlon is an Olympic sport, originating as a military border patrol exercise in Norway from the 18th century. According to Encyclopædia Britannica, the biathlon "is rooted in the skiing traditions of Scandinavia, where early inhabitants revered the Norse god Ullr as both the ski god and the hunting god". It combines nordic, or cross-country skiing and target shooting with a 22 caliber rifle.

Photo by Wolfgang Greiner

The Falcon Ridge Biathlon experience involves a short ski or walk out to our on site biathlon range. Enroute your coach will give you a little bit of background on the story behind why there is a biathlon range in Falcon Lake of all places. At the range, the coach will then give you a basic introduction on how to use the 22 caliber rifles safely and properly. Each participant will get multiple turns to try shooting the rifle in both prone and standing positions. The coach will give you instruction on body position and other helpful hints. Once everyone has had a bit of practice on the rifles there will be a few speed shooting games. After that, the participants will then be further challenged by engaging in some skiing, running, or a strength circuit to get their heart rate going before shooting. Participants will continue shooting and skiing until there is no more ammunition, typically we bring out about 150 rounds. 

Check out Travel Manitoba's "Get out of the basement" recap of their participation of our Biathlon Experience!

The rate for the experience is $385 as a base rate (2 people) plus taxes with an additional $80/extra person. This includes the use of the range, the use of two 22 caliber rifles rented from Biathlon Manitoba, the cost of ammunition, paying the Level 2 Certified Coach and the range official, and setting up the range.

To book, contact Caleigh at the Falcon Trails office: caleigh@falcontrailsresort.com or 204.349.8445

Introducing the Kingfisher High Lake cabin!

Photos by Emily Christie

We are delighted to announce the completion of the Kingfisher High Lake eco cabin, and boy is she a beaut.

The unique structure is built around a white-pine post-and-beam frame featuring 'live-edge' Manitoba bur oak elements. This traditional method of framing uses precision cutting of timbers to join them together seamlessly, fastened with oak pegs and wedges. All joinery was cut by local artisan Hans Friesen of Hans Timberworks. In the walls, a dense fluff of recycled newspaper and romance novels insulate the cabin to ~R-32, 50% higher than a conventional stud-frame wall.

The cabin was was carefully situated to capitalize on seasonal prevailing winds, sunshine, and air-flow from the lake to passively heat and cool the building, offering a cozy treed-in feel and a wide view of the lake to boot.

Kingfisher cabin offers a view of High Lake from every window. With a crisp yet rustic Scandinavian aesthetic inside, the space is brightened with white-washed pine wall-boards. The kitchen is built for cooks; with a wide concrete countertop, peninsula stove and live-edge oak bar-counter, your dining experience should match the view.

Wake up refreshed in the east-facing porch or one of the beautiful bedrooms, and fall asleep beside the woodstove with a cup of tea and a novel from the Kingfisher library. Spend your day relaxing, exploring, and reconnecting with all that High Lake has to offer.


Accommodates up to 4 guests

  • Private, multilevel, south facing dock
  • Complimentary canoe (includes 4x adult life jackets and 2x paddles)
  • Screened porch
  • Indoor wood burning fireplace
  • Main floor bedroom with queen bed
  • Upper level bedroom with East facing window and and lake view (accessible by shallow pitch ladder)
  • Full kitchen
  • BBQ
  • Bathroom with a shower
  • Complimentary wood for the wood stove
Ben + Brooke: The faces behind this beauty of a cabin.

Ben + Brooke: The faces behind this beauty of a cabin.

August 25: Begonia Concert/ Party at the Ski Chalet!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Falcon Ridge Ski Chalet

8-11 pm

Tickets $15 in advance »» Contact Falcon Trails to reserve: 204.349.8273 or relax@falcontrailsresort.com

$20 at the door (while supplies last)

Get your last summer kicks in with some GTs (good times) at the Lake, and party with us in our favourite little woodland music venue, the Falcon Ridge Ski SlopesFeaturing Live music with Begonia!

The bar will be open (beer + wine, cash only). AND as mentioned before, the GTs (good times) will be flowing.

On one end of the spectrum there are varieties of the Begonia which can be a dark, grievous, rough around the edges. And on the other end, a petite, elegant flower. In between, the plant attempts to harmonize its two poles, forming an array of varieties that each borrow from the delicate and the unseemly. It is in this same vein that Begonia (Alexa Dirks) finds herself, trying to find a balance.

Known for her voice in the Juno Award winning harmony driven group Chic Gamine, Dirks has a timbre that recalls the golden age of soul, proud and courageous. And yet it still returns to the ground, finding a quietness, a hesitant intimacy. Joined in studio by producers Matt Schellenberg (Royal Canoe) and Matt Peters (Royal Canoe, Close Talker), the collection of songs that forms Begonia’s Lady In Mind lets the extremes of Dirks’ past and present coalesce into a sound that is both battle hymn and breakbeat body mover, incorporating themes which are confident in and of themselves, and yet sometimes caught in the middle.

Guided along by 90s synth waves over top of a warm rhythm section, title track “Lady In Mind” questions what it means to be woman. Raised on a healthy dose of religion, the rhapsodic church organs and gospel clap alongs of Dirks’ formative years are blended with staccatic, static beats on “Juniper”. Both songs of love and loss the Motown tinged “I Don’t Wanna (Love U)” brings her soaring register to the forefront while the indecisive ballad “Hot Dog Stand” questions whether or not it’s fine to be alone. Closing track “Out Of My Head” returns to a celestial swell to support a blue-collar rebel yell.

Having spent much of the last ten years on tour, the tracks on Lady In Mind were penned on the road or during brief stops at home in Winnipeg. The layering of acoustic instruments with modern synths, and the duality found in both her songwriting and the name Begonia are very much informed by the way in which Dirks finds herself in everyday life - a young, virile woman who, sometimes to her own chagrin, prefers a grandmother’s aesthetic of fake flower and doilies. Compounded by Dirks’ musical upbringing of 90s R&B, 70s folk, and Fiona Apple each taking up equal space in her discman, this leaves her trying to bridge the gap between old and new, between fire and lace. Entangled in the middle of it all, we find Begonia, the place and sound where Dirks is most comfortable, and yet still questioning how it is she ended up there.

August 17: Raine Hamilton Concert at Falcon Trails

Live at Falcon Trails Resort (in the ski chalet)
Dinner + a show!

Tickets $25 (food + music) in advance
$15 (music only)
Reserve by contacting the Falcon Trails office at 204-349-8273

Doors at 7:30, show at 8:00

Join us for an evening of dinner and music with prairie songstress Raine Hamilton. Raine writes resonant, acoustic folk with an other-worldly edge, and a lyric presence that cuts deep. 

Raine invites her love of the violin into the singer-songwriter genre, writing for violin and voice, as well as for guitar and voice. Raine is part prairie songstress, part storyweaver; Each song has a story, delivered between songs with humour and grace. Expect to laugh, expect to cry. Also, she’s probably shorter than you’re imagining, so expect that, too.


This summer, her prism-clear voice and sage songs will be ringing through the stonescape of the Canadian Shield, the exposed flatlands of the prairies, and the tall tops of the BC mountains on her Rock and a Tall Place Tour. Raine's songs combine the exposed honesty of the Canadian Shield bedrock, the open resonance of the prairie, and the brave reach of the mountain range; Her songs are connected with the land, drawn from lived experience, and created from the inside out. The result is a moving, honest, and vulnerable acoustic experience that blends Raine's graceful storytelling and cutting lyrics with her Joni Mitchell-esque vocal agility, and that affords safe passage to the rough and beautiful places.

Contact us to reserve tickets: 204.349.8273 or relax@falcontrailsresort.com

Learn more about Raine on her website.

Introducing the Sandpiper High Lake Eco Cabin

The newest addition to our High Lake eco cabin family!

Photos by Emily Christie.

With plenty of warm wood tones and vintage furnishings, Sandpiper is a new cabin with an old cabin feel. The east facing dock, deck and screen porch are great places to enjoy a sunny morning coffee or a shady afternoon drink. Spend a rainy day admiring the timber frame interior or engrossed in a good book in the comfortable living room.
Sandpiper is in a great location on a small, private bay with beautiful views from every room. There is ample space for family and friends to enjoy time together or to find a quiet spot for a bit of alone time.

  • Accommodates a maximum of 6 people
  • Private east facing dock
  • Complimentary canoe, 3 adult life jackets and 3 paddles
  • Screened porch (with sleeping loft) and sun deck
  • Great lake views and a wood burning fireplace in the living room
  • Quiet second floor sitting room
  • Main floor bedroom with queen bed
  • 2 upstairs bedrooms, both with queen bed
  • Full kitchen
  • BBQ
  • Bathroom with a shower
  • Complimentary firewood (for indoor use only)


The Falcon Trails cabins and grounds are high and dry and besides a bit of dock damage (which we are fixing up lickity split) we have been virtually unaffected by the high waters.

The south shore road, which is the only access road to the resort closed mid-day on Saturday, but has now OPENED for traffic.

There are a couple of spots where ~1 " of water is flowing over the road at the causeway and the road is reduced to one lane, but has been passed without problem by a number of small cars this morning and is safe. If you have a larger vehicle to bring we recommend it as the gravel road leading to our resort has a number of ruts. It is passable by small cars we just recommend that everyone drive slow.

Should the road close again, we have barge ready to ferry incoming guests to the resort (it just means you will leave your vehicles in the townsite of Falcon).

Give the office a call at 204.349.8273 if you have questions!

Massages at Falcon Trails!

Book a massage in your very own cabin during your next stay!

Falcon Trails is pleased to have RMT Jenn Meyers offering massage Monday-Fridays in July and August 2016.

A one hour session is $110 and can be booked by contacting the Falcon Trails office (204.349.8273 or relax@falcontrailsresort.com).

Jenn is a graduate of Mount Royal University's Massage Therapy Diploma and has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Lethbridge University. She is a member of the Massage Therapy Association of Manitoba and has been practicing Massage Therapy since 2013.  She considers massage to be an important part of maintaining good health and is dedicated to educating her clients to be more mindful of how they use and take care of their bodies.  Her specialties include Swedish massage, myofascial release, cupping therapy and relaxation massage. 

August 26: Painting Workshop at Falcon Trails

Date: Saturday, August 26th, 2017

Time: 10am-5pm

Location: Falcon Trails Resort, outdoor location

Cost:: $125/ person (max 12 participants)

Enjoy the beautiful nature around Falcon Trails Resort, while painting the views that appeal to you.  Melissa Jean, a nationally recognized artist from Kenora, will guide you on your own path of what interests you and catches your attention.

This workshop is open to all levels.  A minimum of 9 registrants by July 15th will be required for the session to run.

Canadian artist, Melissa Jean, lives the lake life year round.  Melissa paints full time out of her Kenora, Ontario studio, as well as on location around Lake of the Woods and throughout other parts of Canada.  Through her unique perspective, she strives to capture the spirit and energy of the images she paintings.  

“I have an irresistible and unstoppable urge to create, that grows stronger with each new day.  I smile at the brush strokes that have become my own, like a friend who has suddenly become an old friend. We travel together and explore the hidden treasures of nature.” -Melissa Jean  

Nationally recognized, her work can be found in private and corporate collections worldwide, as well as in galleries across Canada.  visit melissajeanart.com for more info.

Each participant will need to bring the following:  

  • Easel (that can be set up outside)

  • Paint

  • Water/turpentine

  • Rags

  • Palette

  • medium, brushes

  • At least 5 canvases (preferably no bigger than 12x16” or 16x16”, and no smaller than 8x8”. 11x14” is a good size).

  • Hat, sunscreen, bug spray, water bucket for brushes, and water bottle for drinking.  

  • A couple of snapshots in case it rains all day, to inspire an indoor painting.

  • Open mind, and a sense of adventure. 

Melissa looks forward to sharing some of the things that she has learned along the way, and helping you on your own personal creative journey.  In this open concept workshop, the goal will be to learn from each other, and develop new ways of capturing what we see and  love in nature, on canvas.  Melissa will also be talking a little about effective colour mixing, priming, varnishing, glazing and composition.

Yesterday I spent an awesome day out at Falcon Lake Trails Resort participating in a plein air workshop led by Melissa Jean. Great instruction, yummy lunch, a talented and fun group to paint with....AND even perfect weather! Now I cannot wait to get out side and paint again!!
— Lori Zebiere