The cabin is named Mahigan after the Cree/ Ojibwe word for wolf, a fitting name as the cabin is adorned with a beautiful wolf carving on the end of the ridge pole, and because wolves are common visitors to High Lake. Often you can hear them howling at night, or see them running across the lake in the winter.

Cabin Features

  • Accomodates a maximum of 2 people
  • Beautiful handcrafted Swiss log structure
  • Located on remote access High Lake for absolute privacy. Guests access the cabin by hiking or biking the 2.5 km trail while we transport your luggage. The lake is uninhabited apart from our other rental cabins and the odd angler/canoeist!
  • Second floor bedroom with a queen bed and great view of the lake
  • Private dock and canoe
  • Screen porch with futon (sleep in the fresh air!)
  • Wood burning fireplace with complimentary firewood for indoor use
  • Full kitchen (Fridge, stove, oven, BBQ, sinks)
  • Full indoor bathroom (sinks, toilet, shower)
  • Campfire pit

Why do we call it an "Eco" Cabin?

To celebrate, respect and protect the beauty of the cabin's unique location. High Lake is a wilderness lake located about 2.5km from our Falcon Lake cabins, accessed only by foot, bike, or ski. To keep with our "green theme" at the resort, the High Lake cabins have been designed to have a minimal environmental footprint.

Some of the things that lighten this cabin's footprint include:

  • Solar electricity supply
  • State-of-the-art composting toilet
  • Built using locally harvested logs
  • High R-value (log walls provide good insulation for the cabin)
  • Cleaned with non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and all natural cleaning products (made in Canada)
  • Energy saving LED and compact florescent lights
  • Composting and Recycling bins for waste (there is no local recycling or compost pickup service in Falcon Lake so we do it ourselves!)
  • Furnished with local and hand-crafted works (supporting local furniture makers, upholsterers, blacksmiths, and artists)
  • Promotion of active transportation with hike/bike/ski access to cabin
  • Opportunity for guests to fall deeper in love with the environment though this spectacular natural setting.

The Mahigan Story

In the spring of 2010 we hosted a log cabin building workshop at the resort by good friend Walter Keller, a Swiss immigrant to Canada who teaches the craft of log building with chainsaws and fine wood working tools. In the course they built our beautiful log sauna, which guests can now enjoy at High Lake. Jesse, Matt, Craig and Brooke (Falcon Trails staff) all participated in the course, and began building the Mahigan log cabin the following spring of 2011.

 With the help of Kevin, another graduate from Walter's class, the cabin was built in our ski chalet parking lot with local logs harvested near the US border. The parking lot provided space to allow the builders to maneuver the 1000lb logs. The building process is very unique. The cabin is entirely constructed by cutting the logs so that they fit perfectly together (no nails!). As Walter puts it in his course description: "...(the builders) rediscover the old craft of log building. Utilizing modern power tools along with century old hand tools, they learn to fit together Manitoba grown logs to create a perfectly tight, handcrafted building that will stand straight and true long after the builder has passed on."

Once the basic structure (the walls) of the building was completed, it was then disassembled and the logs were transported out to High Lake to be put back together. Because the road is so rough out there, the 1000lb logs had to be transported one at a time in many parts of the trail. The last part of the road leading down to the cabin site itself was so steep that a sky-wire system had to be set up to lift the logs in place. Watch this video of the process of lifting these huge logs using the sky-wire: